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We are looking for motivated and hard working people to join our team in this high pressured environment. If you have an eye for detail, and can meet deadlines, we want to hear from you!

No Experience is required, just a good understanding of team work, and following specific instructions.


Job Description:

     On Site - Manning a Party Box shop independently, whilst managing the till system/s with
handling cash and card payments accurately and safely. The Employee should be pro-active
and maintain a clean, safe and hazard free environment including all assets and property
Owned or occupied by Party Box Shop. Additional customer support is essential in assisting
customers as a priority and to the best of the employees knowledge and ability.

 Off Site – Dressed smart and appropriate with a courteous manner at all times where I.D.
must be worn. Party Box Shop occupies a huge inventory that must be maintained to a high
level of cleanliness and repair. It is the Employee duty to assist the PB team with managing
all appliances safely and hazard free. Employee must be punctual

 and be ready to depart with the team/s to venues across the country. Transport is
generally supplied; however it may be necessary (within reason) to request the member of
staff to arrange own transport to venues.


Positions will vary depending on business demand. Party Box Shop's work load

fluctuates but is on the rise overall. Positions are currently being offered at:

Wolverhampton - 8 hours Every 'other' Saturday

Albrighton - 7.5 hours Every Saturday

Telford - 9 hours Every Monday

These hours are a guaranteed minimum, but with the industry and company rapidly expanding, more hours will be come available including the opportunity for key roles (we ONLY promote from within the company)

Pay scales:

Meets the national minimum wage on entry and will exceed once set criteria has

been met. 


None required, however a good strong understanding of English & Maths is desirable.

If you are motivated, hardworking, keen to learn, and want to be part of a new company with a very promising future? Apply now and grow with us!
Job Description

Party Box Team

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