One of our most popular sellers in store (personalised bubble balloon).

The Balloons are 24" in size, and come with a latex balloon inside, and 2 layers of smaller latex balloons underneath, giving you a stunning unique balloon design to suit your needs.

The Price includes colour coordinated ribbons and box weight.


1. Choose the main colour theme of the central balloon,

2. Choose a secondary colour theme.

3. Tell us what text you want on the balloon (up to 40 characters)

4. Add Extra's


- Our specialist designer will create the best design of your colours and personalisation.

- Select 'collection' on checkout as delivery is NOT available (yet) on this product.

- Add your Artwork, Logo, or Graphic design - email 


"This product lasts for weeks!" 



Luxury Personalised Bubble Balloons

First Colour Theme
Second Colour Theme
Add Extra Features
  • These Balloons take a long time to make, Once the balloon leaves the store it becomes buyer’s responsibility to maintain and care for the balloon. We use the best products in the industry and ALWAYS quality check finished creations. Despite the use of excellent quality, we must remember this is still a balloon and if not looked after correctly they can become damaged, deflated, or even burst.


    - Keep the balloon at room temperature and away from heat sources.

    - Do not pull on the ribbons

    - Do not squeeze the balloons into tight places

    - Keep away from sharp edges

    - Helium filled balloons are designed to float to at least 3 miles up into the sky, always keep the base ribbon tied down, and don't let go!